Thursday, June 21, 2007

PeopleSoft and Firefox, Part One

I wanted to leave the door open for part two, if ever need be...

One ongoing gripe I have with Firefox is the speed of the browser in PeopleSoft. IE is hands down faster and I have yet to figure out why. Does IE cache more of the HTTPS pages where Firefox does not? Does the IE Trident rendering engine just work better with PeopleSoft than the Gecko rendering engine in Firefox? Did a very un-thorough Google search with nothing much to show for it. If anyone has an ideas or opinions, please post a comment.


Jim Marion said...

Fascinating... I've always found Firefox to be faster over IE when rendering PeopleSoft. Have you checked your trusted sites, proxy settings and bypass proxy settings, etc to see if you have any discrepancies between the 2 browsers?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Article

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