Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We have been test-driving Notepad++ around here for the past couple of days. With the recent release of Textpad 5, we have been looking to see what else is available out there that is open source. We have been big Textpad fans for the last several years and have been looking forward to the changes that were coming with release 5, but the load time to open the app is huge. We have been conditioned for software to be lightning fast, so Textpad 5 left us wanting. I tried to revert back to Textpad 4, but had all kinds of little registry gremlins that caused me grief.

We have PSPad in the running too, but it has the same app load delay as Textpad 5 (but it has a ton of cool features).

Anyway, we will be using Notepad++ here, probably until next week until another text editor draws our attention.

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