Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Program to the extreme!

One philosophy that I'm beginning to really appreciate from Extreme Programming is to not try to code features not requested. You still have to code what's required and have to code in a way that will be flexible enough to handle future requirements, but don't try to anticipate and code features that aren't asked for. It's still sometimes very tempting to throw in a cool feature not requested but that you know would be fun to develop. But I sometimes find that one cool feature eats up the bulk of development time and takes away from time that could be spent testing the features requested.

That's where test-driven development comes it, you should code only so you can test. If you don't have good mock data to test with in an environment you will never be able to validate how well your coding is going. So I've been trying to practice coding just enough so I have something to test and repeating that process until the development is complete.

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