Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Document Conversion: Open Source saves the day

I am currently working on a project that requires converting documents in various formats (but mostly MS Word) to PDF. I reviewed several commercial offerings, but most were several thousand dollars.

Open Office 2.1 and the JOOConverter open source projects saved the day. While I was hoping to accomplish the conversion completely in Java without having to run an extra service somewhere, the cost savings were well worth it. The JOOConverter project walks you through the steps of setting up OpenOffice to run as a service and provide Java classes that allow you to interact with the service either locally or via TCP. And best of all it delivered a quasi-webservice that would run on any servlet container (such as tomcat) as well as a webapp that can be deployed to allow users to upload a file and convert it to various formats.

More on my document conversion project later...

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Great news about document conversion.

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